La Conscience moteur de la pratique

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« Zhineng science has been developing for more than thirty years in which the Qi field has been
constantly strengthening and improving – becoming more abundant and powerful with the
information of the third level of matter.
Over the years ,the way of practice has also changed and developed.
For many years ,the focus of Zhineng science was more on practicing the body and Qi.
Now the emphasis is shifting ,the practice of Yiyuanti and of purifying consciousness – is
taking the lead -going deep inside to awaken the true self and pure love
On our journey to heal ourselves and the world, on all levels: physically , emotionally mentaly
and spiritually-the lead role is played by our consciousness state.
Consciousness is the content , the activity of our yiyuanti – when consciousness is calm ,empty
pure and silent we can know our yiyuanti
The essence of the healing is realizing our true self
This practice is about strengthening the power of consciousness, improving the ability of
directing our thoughts and emotions ,leading us to touch our real essence » Groupe d’enseignants de Xi’an